PRJ Performance

L67 Fuel Rail Kit (Gen 3)

The return of a great product just got better! Redesigned injector fittings provide for use of factory injector clips and a tighter O-Ring seal. New, improved hoses are the lightest available, with ultra-light weight Kevlar braid, smooth-bore Teflon tubing for increased flow, resistance to exotic fuel and additives, and are convoluted on the outside for increased flexibility. The permanently crimped ends are hard anodized and impregnated with Teflon to significantly reduce friction and stand up to the harshest of fuels and environments. The GM fuel line adaptors are now made from seamless 304 stainless steel tubing, to give them the same corrosion resistance as all the other hardware in the kit.


PRJ Performance

L67 Fuel Rail Kit (Gen 2)

PRJ Performance Fuel Rails are the final finishing touch to complete any intercooler install, or to dress up the engine compartment of any L67 powered vehicle and show off the the Eaton M90 Supercharger.  They feature high quality extruded aluminum fuel rail stock, custom manufactured injector fittings, the finest XRP (Xtreme Racing Plumbing) fittings, light weight Aeroquip StartLite hose assemblies, a billet adaptor for the factory Bosch fuel pressure regulator, and adaptor fittings to connect to the factory fuel supply and return lines.  Everything is included for a simple plug and play installation.  PRJ Performance has been making fuel rails for the GM 3800 Series II/ V6 since the beginning of 2002, with over 150 kits installed, and over five years of experience with fuel systems specifically for the GM 3800 Series II V6.  Since we first started with this product, we have incorporated several improvements in the design, fit, and finish, and have now put together the 2nd Generation PRJ Performance Fuel Rail Kit. The rails and injector fittings are now anodized in a color coordinated scheme of red and black. All bolts included in the kit are now stainless steel, as are the legs and FPR bracket. A new custom adaptor that allows use of your factory style fuel pressure regulator is now part of the standard kit. All this adds up to a thoroughly tested and proven fuel rail system, manufactured from only the best quality components with outstanding corrosion resistance, minimum weight, and at an affordable price.

The rail itself is made from extruded 6061-T6 aluminum with a 1/2 inch (AN-8) inside diameter. The rails are CNC machined, and given a uniform brushed finish, and then anodized red. The ends are fitted with XRP positive sealing o-ring fittings which are hard anodized black and feature smooth contour openings and larger internal diameters than similar fittings from other manufacturers. The fuel injector fittings are custom machined exclusively for PRJ Performance from 6061-T6 aluminum and also have an o-ring for a positive seal to the fuel rail. They are also given a brush finish, and anodized black. The legs are made from 321 Stainless Steel, CNC laser cut and bent for a precise fit, and given a brushed finish. The legs will clear even the largest body fuel injectors without problems.

The hose assemblies are made from Aeroquip StartLite® Hose. StartLite is lightweight and durable and is approved by NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA and other sanctioned bodies. It features a pre-dyed black Nomex™ cover with a red tracer braid, to ensure peak performance and a consistent fade-resistant appearance. Increased abrasion resistance and overall hose strength is achieved by adding Kevlar to the fire-retardant Nomex™ cover. Aerospace AQP® patented technology provides a smooth, firm, higher performing inner tube.

The standard kit includes a custom billet adaptor that will accept your factory Bosch fuel pressure regulator, or other after market adjustable regulators that fit the factory fuel rails. The adaptor is anodized red and includes XRP o-ring port fittings for the hose connections, and an extra 1/8" NPT port (with plug) that a fuel pressure gauge, or fuel pressure gauge sender, can be easily be attached to (gauge not included). 


The standard kit also includes all stainless steel mounting hardware, legs, bracket for the FPR adaptor, rail end fittings, hoses, vacuum splices, vacuum line, GM supply and return line adaptors, and a tube of high performance thread sealant.

Option 1 includes everything that the Standard L67 kit include EXCEPT the FPR Adaptor. You will have to supply your own fuel pressure regulator or adaptor with an AN-6 inlet.

These fittings allow you to easily connect the factory fuel supply and return lines to the PRJ Performance Fuel Rails. They have the same push connect fittings that are found on the factory fuel rails. This allows for simple plug and play connection to your existing fuel system.